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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Feeding Life – Photography Competition 2013

Jenni Lacey from the Society of Biology explores inspiration for this year’s photography competition Like most people my taste and eating habits have dramatically changed over the years. Influenced first by family habit, tradition and what was put in front of me, and later by new surroundings, culture and choice, I’ve thankfully now developed a … Continue reading »

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Are neonicotinoids distracting us from the bigger picture?

by Rebecca Nesbit, Society of Biology The much awaited vote by EU member states on the potential neonicotinoid ban takes place on Monday. There has been strong environmental lobbying to encourage Environment Minister Owen Patterson to vote in favour of a ban, but to what extent is the fate of bees really hanging on this … Continue reading »

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Inspiring future generations (and feeding them)

by Rebecca Nesbit, Society of Biology People will fight passionately for medical advances, and indeed science has done a huge amout to save lives and reduce suffering caused by health problems. But the point was made at UK PlantSci 2013 that, ultimately, this is only valuable if we can feed people. I don’t think there … Continue reading »

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No single answer – messages from PlantSci

by Rebecca Nesbit, Society of Biology This week I’m lucky enough to be at UK PlantSci 2013 in Dundee – the 2nd conference of the UK Plant Sciences Federation. The conference opened this morning with a keynote talk from Professor Charles Godfray, who spoke very convincingly about the need for food production to become radically … Continue reading »

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Badger bats

by Jackie Caine, Senior Science Policy Adviser at the Society of Biology New species of animals and plants are discovered on a surprisingly regular basis; in Europe alone, around 700 species are being discovered each year, and that doesn’t take into account the hugely rich diversity of tropical forests including the Amazon. Insects account for … Continue reading »

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Flying Ant Survey – spread the word!

The weekend’s sunshine made it almost possible to imagine the summer flying ant season, so we’re gearing up for a second flying ant survey and are hoping to enlist even more support. We need data from multiple years to help us understand whether the pattern we saw in 2012 (two peaks in flying ant activity) … Continue reading »

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