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Using British Sign Language (BSL) in science education

Guest blog by Jon Hickman, teacher – science teacher at Ferndown Upper School in Dorset I have been using British Sign Language (BSL) as a visual learning tool in my science classes for the past year. As a kinaesthetic process it is excellent for visual and tactile learners to reinforce key concepts. The majority of … Continue reading »

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Should science novels and films be introduced at schools?

By Vydeki Shanmuganathan, Senior Scientist (Microbiology) at Affinity Water Shared Services We all dissected Charles Dickens novels at school to great length and watched plays based on his novels. However, we were rarely introduced to science novels or films at schools. With the education system evolving, is now the time to introduce science novels and … Continue reading »

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Inspiring future generations (and feeding them)

by Rebecca Nesbit, Society of Biology People will fight passionately for medical advances, and indeed science has done a huge amout to save lives and reduce suffering caused by health problems. But the point was made at UK PlantSci 2013 that, ultimately, this is only valuable if we can feed people. I don’t think there … Continue reading »

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In praise of apprenticeships

by Rebecca Nesbit I was interested to hear an interviewee on the Today programme worried about the reluctance amongst many parents and schools to recognise the true value of apprenticeships. As someone who graduated prior to top-up fees, I often ask myself ‘if I was 18 now, would university still be the right thing?’, so … Continue reading »

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Student BioSocs: working together is success

Guest bloggers Ioanna Sigalou and Rowan Watson, President and Secretary of the Staffordshire University Biology Society, describe how the society was set up. It’s no lie that every beginning is hard, especially when it comes to things that require people with different opinions coming together to share ideas! Things get hectic very quickly, which can … Continue reading »

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Ecological adventures during Biology Week

As we start to plan Biology Week 2013 here at the Society of Biology we take inspiration from some of the successes of 2012. Here Nick O’Connor, a teacher at Highcliffe School, describes his A level field course in Dorset The Year 13 A level Biologists spent a superb 3 days along the Jurassic Coast … Continue reading »

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Finding fieldwork centres

Eva Sharpe, HE Policy Officer at the Society of Biology, discovers an excellent resource from the Royal Geographical Society Recently we asked our members working in Higher Education what else we can do to support the bioscience learning and teaching community. One suggestion was for us to set up a database of fieldwork centres available … Continue reading »

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The Virtual School: calling all biologists!

Guest blog by Frédéric Kastner from The Virtual School The Virtual School’s vision is to create an innovative, free education resource that allows children from all over the world to learn about biology. To help us achieve this we’re asking for support from passionate biologists, whatever their background.

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Debating Matters calls for new judges

Guest post from Jason Smith, Institute of Ideas Whatever your thoughts are on the various bio-medical controversies currently facing society – whether your particular interest is in GM crops and the future of agriculture, the ethics of animal experimentation, or the benefits or otherwise of giving IVF treatment to women in their fifties – the … Continue reading »

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Tablets, podcasts and text messages in education

Guest post from Dr Neil Morris, University of Leeds lecturer I was thrilled to be named as the Society of Biology HE bioscience teacher of the year in May 2012. The Society are doing a great job of promoting excellence in learning and teaching in Higher Education, and taking on this award is a good … Continue reading »

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