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An LGBT+ champion: Professor Ben Barres, one of the first transgender neuroscientists

The first international day for LGBTQ+ scientists in STEM aims to be a celebration of diversity in science. Organised by Pride in STEM, House of STEM, InterEngineering and oSTEM, the day is the first of its kind to celebrate the LGBT+ community across all the sciences. The important goal of the organisers and supporters – … Continue reading »

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How working in partnership with students transformed my teaching

By Dr Katharine Hubbard, lecturer in biological sciences, University of Hull, Royal Society of Biology Higher Education Bioscience Teacher of the Year 2016 Most people who teach would say that they value the views of their students, but how many of us would feel comfortable putting our students in the driving seat and getting them … Continue reading »

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Coming out in STEM

by Gabriele Butkute, science policy assistant at the Royal Society of Biology and the Biochemical Society. “I don’t mind people who are gay; I just don’t want that flaunted in my face”. That’s what Fran Cowling, one of the panel members at The Royal Society’s event, Out in STEM was once told. While unfortunately similar … Continue reading »

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Soapbox Science – celebrating female scientists

Dr Diane Lees Murdock CBiol MRSB, lecturer in biomedical sciences at Ulster University participated in Soapbox Science, a festival celebrating eminent women scientists from the UK and Ireland.  Glorious sunshine bathed the steps of Belfast’s Ulster Museum and Botanic Gardens where 12 women scientists from across Ireland attracted an audience of over 2,000 eager participants … Continue reading »

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What does a scientist look like?

By Dr Catherine Ball, science policy advisor at the Society of Biology and Biochemical Society If I asked you to think of a ‘typical scientist’ what would you imagine? It is a sad truth that, although we have come a long way, stereotypes can still dominate. As a policy advisor, part of my work focuses … Continue reading »

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