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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Plant Science at Christmas

Guest author Ian Street looks at the two occasions when the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures focused on plant science  Inspiring future generations through science has been a key component of the Royal Institution and its annual Christmas Lectures – started by Michael Faraday in 1825. There have been two plant science Christmas lectures: one given by … Continue reading »

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The wolves of Isle Royale

Field biologist Joshua Powell describes how a grant from the Society took him to one of the most remote national parks in the USA. Find out how to apply for the latest round of grants – open now. The largest island on the largest freshwater lake in the world, Isle Royale is one of the most fascinating of … Continue reading »

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Something in the air

By Dr Jonathan Carruthers, science policy officer at the Royal Society of Biology We are all exposed to air pollution to some degree. Oxides of nitrogen and particles emitted by road vehicles, trains and ships affect not just the frail, but all of us throughout our lives. These pollutants seriously harm health: they are linked … Continue reading »

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The Future of Science

By Josephine Hellberg MRSB, DPhil physiology, anatomy and genetics student at the University of Oxford and science policy intern at the Royal Society of Biology. Where do you see science in 30 years’ time? Scientific progress is relentless, working at the cutting-edge and pushing the frontiers of our understanding. Today we have access to technologies that … Continue reading »

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TEF vs. REF: are teaching and research now adversaries?

By Henry Lovett, policy & public affairs officer, The Physiological Society At the recent Labour, Conservative and SNP party conferences, The Physiological Society asked  policy makers to consider an important question: ‘TEF vs. REF: Are Teaching and Research Now Adversaries?’ The successful fringe events discussed how the Government’s development of a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) … Continue reading »

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Using smartphones to detect Parkinson’s Disease before symptoms arise

By Reham Badawy, PhD student at Aston University, in collaboration with Dr. Max Little, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Smartphones and healthcare Smartphones have become a pivotal tool in all aspects of our lives, impacting the way we communicate with one another and revolutionising the way in which we shop and bank. But what could be … Continue reading »

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