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Improving life with cystic fibrosis

By Grace Paget, science writer Before I started volunteering for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust I had some knowledge of the genetic disorder from learning about it in biology lessons, but I had very little understanding of just how much of an impact it has on the people who have it and their families. Cystic fibrosis … Continue reading »

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Prioritising dementia in an ageing population

By Ariana Gatt, a Neuroscience PhD student at King’s College London The world is ageing, and at a pretty fast rate. On a global scale the human race is living longer. We have better health care, for example we have eradicated smallpox, and are close to getting rid of other deadly diseases such as Polio … Continue reading »

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Animals in research – the complexity behind the stats

by Daniela Peukert, policy officer at the Society of Biology The Home Office published their annual statistics on the use of animals in scientific research this week, and it shows that 4.11 million procedures were started in Great Britain in 2012. Animal research is controversial and these statistics caused very mixed reactions. Therefore I think … Continue reading »

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A Shootful of Sugar

The xylem and phloem are two very important tissues in vascular plants: together, they form the transport system.  Xylem vessels consist of dead cells which are arranged into long, hollow tubes and allow the transport of water and minerals from the roots to the leaves.  Phloem vessels are alive and transport nutrients such as sucrose … Continue reading »

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