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Podcast: views after the #policylates debate

Posted by on December 3, 2012

Dr Stephen Benn, Chi Onwurah MP, and organisers Zoe Martin and Harry Dayantis at the first #policylates eventAt the first #policylates debate, held on the 29th November at Charles Darwin House, the panel discussed whether or not the UK Parliament could do with more scientists. With the online poll initially showing 96% ‘yes’ votes, this was reduced to about 60% ‘yes’ amongst audience members by the end of the debate.

The debate became rather heated at times, perhaps unsurprisingly between the Liberal Democrat Dr Evan Harris and the Conservative Dr Phillip Lee. Labour’s Chi Onwurah remained a professional chair throughout, only revealing her own views after the debate had closed. Haralambos Dayantis has produced a brief podcast from interviews with panellists and selected audience members, which will give you a flavour of the evening’s proceedings.

Podcast credits:

Haralambos Dayantis is the man behind the curtain, responsible for producing the podcast and helping co-ordinate the first #policylates event with the Society of Biology.

Kaz Janowski interviewed Chi Onwurah MP & Dr Evan Harris. Kaz is a radio and online producer at the BBC World Service, who is currently reconnecting with his scientific roots.

Steve McGann interviewed Jessica Bland & Dr Jennifer Rohn. Steve is a Science Communication postgraduate with thirty years’ experience in broadcast media and Arts.

Sophie Buisjen interviewed Dr Phillip Lee MP. Sophie is a multimedia science communicator who has worked for the BBC World Service programme ‘Science in Action’.

Flora Malein  interviewed Dr Jack Stilgoe. Flora is a freelance science journalist with a BSc in Biology from Balliol College, Oxford who has just completed an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College.

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