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Monthly Archives: July 2013

The damsel and the dragon

Mark Leach is the Marketing Manager at the Society of Biology Not being a biologist by trade means that my working day at the Society often provides opportunities for impromptu learning. As they say, ‘every day’s a school day’!  A chance office conversation about the visit of a ‘weird blue dragonfly’  to my garden quickly … Continue reading »

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Find the largest fairy ring for UK Fungus Day

As part of Biology Week 2013, we are celebrating UK Fungus Day on Sunday 13th October. The day is organised by the British Mycological Society and will involve events, lectures and fungal forays. It is a celebration of fungi and fungal research, exploring both the good and the bad! The fun has already started with … Continue reading »

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The meadows of Transylvania – a biodiversity hotspot

Dr Barbara Knowles FSB, Senior Science Policy Adviser at the Society of Biology, devotes much of her time to preserving Transylvania’s hay meadows. Dr Laura Bellingan FSB, Head of Policy at the Society of Biology, visited her recently and has written about her experience: If I’m asked to think of biodiversity hot-spots worthy of conservation, wilderness … Continue reading »

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Can gulls get drunk on ants?

Rebecca Nesbit from the Society of Biology has been working on the flying ant survey On Friday I received a phone call asking ‘are seagulls in Devon acting weirdly because of flying ants?’. The answer was very likely yes – flying ant day is a special day for gulls, and for many people the excited … Continue reading »

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Animals in research – the complexity behind the stats

by Daniela Peukert, policy officer at the Society of Biology The Home Office published their annual statistics on the use of animals in scientific research this week, and it shows that 4.11 million procedures were started in Great Britain in 2012. Animal research is controversial and these statistics caused very mixed reactions. Therefore I think … Continue reading »

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Species of the Week: It’s not a twig, but an Archimantis Latistyla

Sara Dawkins is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer.  There are a variety of mantid subspecies currently residing on the planet Earth. While some may have a frog-like look to them, others blend into their background increasing their efficiency for hunting. Archimantis latistyla is one such mantis that is plentiful in … Continue reading »

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More than one way to be a scientist

By Natasha Neill, Executive Officer at the Society of Biology We may work as a scientist, in science or use our skills gained from science in another field entirely, but all of us are science professionals, and all equally worthy to be the ‘classic image’ that pops up in the imagination when you mention science. … Continue reading »

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Stand up for science

By Paul Richards, BBSRC Policy Fellow at the Society of Biology No doubt many scientists, especially young researchers, would approach dealing with the media with at least a little apprehension and distrust. We’ve all come across news articles which appear to sensationalise, or misrepresent science; some of us may have heard about, or had, negative … Continue reading »

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World Forum on Natural Capital: valuing ecosystems

Guest post by Caroline Vevers, Event Manager at the World Forum on Natural Capital, where the Society of Biology‘s Natural Capital Initiative special interest group is organising two sessions. Against a backdrop of increasing international interest in how we value the economic benefits we derive from our natural environment, business leaders, policy makers and sustainability … Continue reading »

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The H5N1 influenza controversy: information is power, sharing information is powerful

By Professor Wendy Barclay, Chair in Influenza Virology, Imperial College London. Wendy spoke at last week’s Society of Biology Policy Lates debate on dual-use bioscience. The debate is summarised in a Storify. H5N1 is a worrisome strain of bird flu that currently does not spread between us because of the ‘species barrier’ created by virus-host … Continue reading »

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