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What is dining going to look like in the future?

By Professor Les Firbank FRSB, University of Leeds. Professor Firbank is speaking on the expert panel at today’s Come Dine With The Future event, organised by the RSB and NRN-LCEE in Cardiff. We know that our meals change over time; we are now offered a range of dishes far greater than at any time in history. For tonight’s … Continue reading »

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Targeting Antimicrobial Resistance

By Josephine Hellberg MRSB, DPhil Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics student at the University of Oxford and science policy intern at the Royal Society of Biology. Take part in a tweetchat on AMR from 15:00 – 16:00 GMT on Friday 18th November by following and tweeting with #AntibioticFuture This week is World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2016; which … Continue reading »

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Bovine TB – should we kill the badgers?

Opinion piece by Professor Nigel Brown FRSB, President of the Microbiology Society. The control of bovine TB (bTB) in farm animals is complex. We have heard a lot about the role of badgers as a reservoir of bTB, which is then transmitted to cattle. This is the argument for culling badgers and several trials have … Continue reading »

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What should we eat to save the planet?

Barbara Knowles is senior science policy adviser at the Society of Biology, and loves the landscapes, food and natural treasures created by traditional farming. Hardly a week goes by without another academic paper telling us to eat less meat, and to intensify agriculture sustainably to feed the growing population, protect biodiversity or reduce greenhouse gas … Continue reading »

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The meadows of Transylvania – a biodiversity hotspot

Dr Barbara Knowles FSB, Senior Science Policy Adviser at the Society of Biology, devotes much of her time to preserving Transylvania’s hay meadows. Dr Laura Bellingan FSB, Head of Policy at the Society of Biology, visited her recently and has written about her experience: If I’m asked to think of biodiversity hot-spots worthy of conservation, wilderness … Continue reading »

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Are neonicotinoids distracting us from the bigger picture?

by Rebecca Nesbit, Society of Biology The much awaited vote by EU member states on the potential neonicotinoid ban takes place on Monday. There has been strong environmental lobbying to encourage Environment Minister Owen Patterson to vote in favour of a ban, but to what extent is the fate of bees really hanging on this … Continue reading »

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