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Help us name the House Spider Survey app

Posted by on July 2, 2013

House spider survey, Society of Biology Each autumn there’s a sudden increase in the number of house spiders we see indoors, and this year we are developing an app to record their arrival. We now need your help to name the app. All suggestions are gratefully received in the comments below or vote in the poll.

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The spiders we are keen to record are the large, hairy Tenegaria spiders common in houses (like the picture below), and the app will help you identify other spiders you see in and around the house.

Tegenaria house spider



8 Responses to Help us name the House Spider Survey app

  1. Rebecca Nesbit

    So, the app is now live! And you can report your sightings online too

  2. Elliot Hulland-Kemp

    World Wide Web?

  3. tjhavenith

    Almost makes me wish I had a smart phone!

  4. Guido Gybels


  5. Rebecca Nesbit

    Others coming in include:
    House Spider Survey

  6. Natasha

    How about iSpi?