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Looking Good – the value of beauty in science

Guest blog by Anthony Lewis, MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, who discusses the importance of aesthetics to scientific research. Science is about hard, cold facts, right? Data laid out in black and white, the information speaks for itself, no frills or fancies needed. Who would want distracting colours, eye-catching graphics, and big photographs cluttering up our … Continue reading »

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Creating a bang!

Society of Biology volunteer Naomi Hartopp from the University of York describes her experience at the Big Bang Fair Even the most mature professionals couldn’t help showing their excitement at the spectacular exhibitions on show at the Big Bang Fair, and who can blame them? For a few days, the Birmingham NEC was transformed into … Continue reading »

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How biology can save the world

From our Chief Executive Dr Mark Downs Belief in the ability of science to change things for the better is very often the motivation for choosing biology as a career. Jumping into the mysterious and far-reaching depths of any biological discipline will yield a bounty of treasures. Whether it is knowledge about a new disease … Continue reading »

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Species of the Week: the Coelacanth

Many species of Coelacanth, a primitive fish, are present in the fossil record, but they were thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Then, in 1938, a museum curator on a South African fishing trawler caught a living species: Latimeria chalumnae. Decades later, in 1998, a second species, L. menadoensis, … Continue reading »

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