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Into the World – animation of a turtle’s journey

By Lauren Hoskin ‘Into the World’ is a short animation following the story of a group of hatchling turtles as they venture from the nest for the first time. It was produced by Ellie Pinney, Anouchka Jacquier and I as part of a group project on the Science Communication MSc at Imperial College London.

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Video: 3D cell culture set for space

Growing cells in culture in the lab is fundamental for many areas of research and drug discovery. Cells grown in a petri-dish, however, don’t resemble the tissues found in living organisms. 3D scaffolds have been developed to overcome this and enhance the growth, differentiation and function of cultured cells. This video gives an insight into … Continue reading »

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Celebrity Spiders!

By Lily Brinn, Society of Biology Ever fancied being a film maker, or just enjoy singing? Here at the Society of Biology we are offering a star studded opportunity (kind of). To coincide with house spider survey app ‘Spider in da House’ we have also released a brand new competition: the Spider App Video Competition. … Continue reading »

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