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The Biologist

Posted by on June 20, 2012
Fellows, Members and Associate Members of the Society of Biology receive a new issue of The Biologist six times a year.
For more information about joining the Society of Biology to receive your copy of The Biologist subscription please visit our website. You can also find details of what’s in the current edition, including medicine from cannabis, gene doping and species reintroductions. In the meantime, enjoy our sample issue:

8 Responses to The Biologist

  1. Toby


    where can I find the hard copies for the magazine?

  2. Beesh Mahen


    I want to have a BioNet membership. However, I’d like to know – would I only get an eMembership or would I be able to get hard copies?


    • Rebecca Nesbit

      Hi Beesh

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, BioNet membership is only eMembership. Was it hard copies that you particularly wanted?


  3. Rebecca Nesbit

    Hi Christine
    Thanks for getting in touch. How old is your step daughter?
    If she is at school she could have BioNet membership:
    This gives her online access, or there are alternatives if she is a university student or would like hard copies.

  4. Christine Giles


    I’d like to buy a magazine subscription for Biologust for my step daughter. How do i go about this?