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The impact of DNA testing for cancer susceptibility

Shirley Hodgson FRSB is a Professor of Cancer Genetics at St George’s University of London. She will be one of the speakers at the Biology Week 2016 debate on 11th October: The DNA revolution: Can we predict people’s chance of getting cancer? Should we? Sequencing our genomes will soon become cheap, easy and widespread, so … Continue reading »

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The plight of Tasmanian devils

Guest post by Cecile Lamy, who has an MSc in Wildlife Biology and a lifelong passion for conservation, and has worked for animal charities as well as wildlife hospitals and rehabilitation centres Tasmanian devils are carnivorous marsupials native to the Australian island state of Tasmania. They are known for their extremely loud and disturbing nocturnal … Continue reading »

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Action for Brain Injury Week

By Lauren Hoskin, intern at the Society of Biology This week, 13th-19th May, a campaign is being launched to highlight the hidden aspects of brain injury and help with the correct diagnosis of these potentially terminal conditions. The campaign is part of Action for Brain Injury (ABI) week, organised by Headway. Brain injury is an … Continue reading »

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Blood flow to tumours – new drugs and detection

Joanna Brunker, a PhD student at University College London and biological sciences & biomedical sciences gold medal winner at last night’s SET for Britain awards, describes her research into a new method for measuring blood flow which has the potential to improve our understanding and treatment of tumours. Tumours develop a chaotic system of blood … Continue reading »

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Four-stranded DNA seen in human cells

By Jess Devonport, Marketing and Communications Officer at the Society of Biology 2013 is the 60th anniversary of Watson and Crick’s famous paper describing the helical structure of DNA. The Society of Biology plans to celebrate this landmark discovery with a series of genetics themed events and activities, called Genetics: where have we come from … Continue reading »

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