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Homeopathy – What is it and does it work?

Opinion piece by Professor Nigel Brown FRSB, President of the Microbiology Society. The principle of homeopathy is that ‘like is treated with like’. The symptoms are treated with high dilutions of a material that would cause those symptoms in large amounts. For example, treatment with magnesium carbonate, known by homeopaths as Magnesia Carbonica, can be … Continue reading »

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NHS Choices website becomes ‘neutral’ on homeopathy

by Rebecca Nesbit, Society of Biology * since I wrote this post, the NHS Choices website has been modified again with the introduction of a sentence stating that a Government report said  homeopathic remedies perform no better than placebos  The ongoing debate about whether homeopathy should be provided on the NHS has again stirred up … Continue reading »

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What’s the Harm?

In the current edition of The Biologist, Edzard Ernst FSB highlights the non-science (and nonsense) of homeopathy. Why is this important? Because I think it is vital to make a distinction between ideas that are based on evidence, and those that are not. I believe that this is a central function of the scientific professional … Continue reading »

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